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As Twitchy told you, L’Oréal is proud to unveil (well, in a manner of speaking) their latest hair campaign spokeswoman, Amena Khan:

L'Oreal cast hijab-wearing Amena Khan in their new hair campaign, and it's perfect
— HuffPost UK (@HuffPostUK) January 16, 2018

But it turns out she’d probably be a better spokeswoman for the BDS movement:

@RamAbdu @David_Cameron #AskDavid Do you staunchly support Israel's actions in terrorising innocent civilians?
— Amena (@amenaofficial) July 10, 2014

U repeatedly say "nobody is above the law"…

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The virus is widespread, and the vaccine is a poor match. But while some areas are hit hard, others have been spared, and deaths are not unusually common this season.

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The biggest increases have come from some groups who in the past were far less likely to have babies: highly educated women, those over 40, and women who have never been married.

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The Trump administration announced a new “conscience and religious freedom” office to protect health workers who oppose abortion, sex-changes and some contraception.

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Being the leader of a country like the United States requires a vast and diverse skill set. Chief among them would arguably be that ever-vaunted talent known as people skills. A US president will inevitably engage in an endless array of social functions, many times with the heads of state of other world nations. Mastery […]
The post Top 10 Faux Pas Committed By US Presidents appeared first on Listverse.

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We’ve come a long way, baby. Such a long way, in fact, that hair is apparently a social construct. Or something:

L'Oreal cast hijab-wearing Amena Khan in their new hair campaign, and it's perfect
— HuffPost UK (@HuffPostUK) January 16, 2018

Perfect, huh?
L’Oreal has become the first major international brand to cast a woman in a hijabin a hair campaign, explaining that hair care is of interest to everyone, whether you choose to show your hair in public, or not…

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Since the dawn of mankind, we have always had a healthy respect for the dead. We worshiped them and buried them with jewels and gold. We built mausoleums and designed headstones so that our memories of the deceased would never fade. We memorialized them in paintings and statues—anything to keep our loved ones with us […]
The post 10 Ways The Dead Can Help The Living After They Are Gone appeared first on Listverse.

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Is there anything sadder than watching Alec Baldwin defend Woody Allen on Twitter? Especially with the efforts being made (sort of) by Hollywood in calling out these predators, pervs, and abusers.
Perhaps Woody Allen himself is sadder than Alec’s ridiculous tweet, but it’s close.

Is it possible to support survivors of pedophilia and sexual assault/abuse and also believe that WA is innocent?I think so…

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Every year, more animals are added to the endangered species list, with quite a few eventually listed as extinct. Clear-cutting of forest areas, controlled burns of grasslands, and the introduction of dogs and other predators have added to the burden of existing wildlife. We will never see another dodo bird, certain subspecies of black rhino, […]
The post 10 Animals That May Not Be As Extinct As We Thought They Were appeared first on Listverse.

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Kentucky’s new Medicaid waiver will ask low-income people to jump over hurdles to keep their coverage. Evidence suggests that many will fail.

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Babies born during the Dutch Hunger Winter became adults with higher rates of health problems. Now researchers may have found the genetic switches that made it happen..... More »

Dental Practices Term Loan Call 904-551-6090: Hollywood celebrities throw ‘chump change’ towards the #MarchForOurLives gun control campaign + MORE 02/20/2018

Actor George Clooney, and his wife, Amal, announced that they would support the “March for Our Lives Movement” by attending the march on Washington and by donating $500,000. #GeorgeClooney and his wife Amal donate $500,000 to students organizing marches against gun violence More »

Dental Practices Term Loan Call 904-551-6090: Trilobites: Sedate a Plant, and It Seems to Lose Consciousness. Is It Conscious? + MORE 02/02/2018

Plants can be frozen in place with the same anesthetics used on you during surgery. It suggests they may be less different from animals than is often assumed..... More »

Dental Practices Term Loan Call 904-551-6090: 10 Global Versions Of The Lady In White Legend + MORE 01/24/2018

The Lady in White is a popular ghost tale relayed from generation to generation in many countries around the world. Of course, there is no solid evidence that any of these spooky stories have any substance in truth whatsoever, but this hasn’t stopped thousands of people retelling them over Hal.... More »