Dental Practices Term Loan Call 904-551-6090: Shocker: Free Speech Rally in Berkeley turns bloody as attendees, anti-fascists face off + MORE 04/16/2017

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When we think of “human,” we tend to have pretty strict ideas of what they will be like. We assume that they will have a head, two legs, two arms, five fingers, so on and so forth. There are, however, people who do not fit those guidelines, but are still without a doubt just as […]
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Earlier this week, MSNBC managed to offend its viewers twice over: first, the channel cut from Rachel Maddow to veteran newsman Brian Williams to cover the U.S. missile strike on a Syrian airbase. Worse yet, Williams tried to wax poetic, paraphrasing some Leonard Cohen lyrics about “the beauty of our weapons.”
Alec Baldwin and others were not in the mood to hear Tomahawk missiles called “beautiful,” so let’s hope they weren’t following along last night with Kim Jong-un’s parade of military might and the tweets of Melissa Hanham, senior research associate at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies…

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As Twitchy reported, the resistance took to the streets of New York, Washington, and cities across the country Saturday to demand that President Trump release his taxes … that “Maddow” episode really managed to whet the public’s appetite, it seems.
As exciting as it was to see the angry masses take to the streets … again … it was really the image of comedian Sarah Silverman on stage next to a giant inflatable Trump-chicken hybrid that will resonate throughout history…

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In 2012, Rory Staunton, 12, died from septic shock. Five years later, a study shows that fewer people are dying from the condition.

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In the high-stakes casino of fertility treatment, some pay large sums upfront for the promise of a baby — or a refund. Doctors tend to pick patients with the best odds of success.

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It’s a bit too late for today’s rally, but our best wishes to anyone who decides to hold any sort of march or event in Berkeley, Calif., that might upset the so-called anti-fascists, or “antifa” for short, who seem dead-set on ensuring any celebration of liberty ends in literal flames.
Berkeley, of course, is where “the resistance” managed to shut down a Milo Yiannopoulos speech before it could begin and then smashed windows and set fires anyway before marching through the streets and vandalizing local businesses…

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Coal ash, a largely unseen byproduct of electricity production, is leaking from storage ponds, two lawsuits contend, and could be threatening the drinking water of more than a million people.

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Politics might feel like a zoo, especially during election season and the years’ worth of media coverage leading up to it. But in the end, the candidates are still people . . . typically. A number of animals have run for political office over the years—or more accurately were run by enterprising humans. In some cases, these campaigns are […]
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Not every monster suffers for their crime. Sometimes, even when a criminal gets caught and is found undeniably guilty, they can still be released back into society and their normal lives. Within our legal systems, there are a whole series of loopholes, technicalities, and strange standards that are ripe for catastrophes. And when the system […]
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Wacky as it may seem to some, there could be other forms of life out there. All around the world, people from various nations believe in aliens, and there are frequent sightings to further convince us that aliens could exist. Here, we have narrowed down a list of 10 out-of-this-world festivals that take place internationally […]
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Medicaid, targeted by Republicans’ health care bill, pays for most of the 1.4 million elderly people in nursing homes, some of whom do not know they are on it..... More »

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We’d suggest that in the future wars will be fought not on the battlefield but on social media, but it looks like it’s already happening. It was weird enough watching officials from Norway and Denmark squabble online over which country was the true homeland of trolls, but now Russia and .... More »

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Although it’s been controversial since its debut, Playboy magazine has long been an icon of American pop culture. Sure, it features sexist “pictorials” of beautiful nude women, including many celebrities, but the monthly periodical also publishes short stories, articles, and cartoons by so.... More »