Dental Practices Term Loan Call 904-551-6090: ‘Shame on you’: Conservatives blast Bill Kristol for this post-Flynn-resignation tweet + MORE 02/15/2017

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President Trump seized on the company’s decision as support for his call to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

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In two new studies, early-stage breast cancer patients who had scalp-cooling treatments were significantly more likely to keep their hair.

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People in the Trump State get openly fired; the Deep Staters who orchestrate it all stay in the shadows. OKAY!
— ❤️Jayvie ❤️ (@OneFineJay) February 14, 2017

The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol has made no secret of his opposition to Trump. Last spring, he even spearheaded a search for an independent opposition candidate.
But this morning, Kristol may have taken things a bit too far, tweeting this in response to reports that leaks of classified info ultimately lead to Michael Flynn’s resignation:
Obviously strongly prefer normal democratic and constitutional politics…

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Take a moment to savor your Valentine’s Day treat.

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All too often, life can feel like a dystopian novel. Endless wars engulfing the Middle East, a semi-zombified population glued to their Twitter feeds, a creeping state surveillance . . . you know the drill. But it’s one thing to say that life feels like a generic dystopia, and another entirely to buy a specific book and find the […]
The post 10 Dystopian Books You Need To Read To Understand Today’s America appeared first on Listverse.

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On Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson had Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) on to talk about Gen. Michael Flynn’s resignation as President Trump’s National Security Adviser Monday night.
I'll be on @FoxNews at 9:00pm ET/7:00pm MST w/ @TuckerCarlson to discuss Gen. Flynn's resignation & the Trump team's Russia connection.
— Ruben Gallego (@RepRubenGallego) February 15, 2017

#Tucker to @RepRubenGallego: Bureaucrats are seeking to undermine elected reps of U…

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In the late 1800s, Wild West shows began popping up all across the United States. Along with circuses and horse and pony shows, Wild West shows were a big business. They traveled across the US, Europe, and Australia, drawing in crowds nearly everywhere they went. People came to be entertained, because they were curious, and […]
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Called the last great plague of London, the Great Plague began in the spring of 1665 and ended roughly a year later. Officially, over 68,000 people died, but many believe that the number of plague deaths was closer to 100,000. During this time, the people of London lived through one unimaginable horror after another. Families […]
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There’s no question that the mess left in the wake of the resignation of Michael Flynn from the Trump administration needs to be cleaned up, preferably through an internal investigation and not through anonymous sources in the rush of news reports.
As Twitchy reported, Dan Rather of all people popped up out of his hutch to proclaim the Flynn resignation perhaps the greatest scandal since Watergate (as if that hadn’t been outdone since), and he’s not alone in making that comparison…

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Two hot trends for the 2016–17 political season are a new interest in “obscure” rules and regulations (such as Rule 19) and social media meltdowns from sitcom child stars of the 20th century turned liberal activists.
One story Tuesday checked both boxes: After a straight party-line vote, the House Ways and Means Committee decided it would not request President Trump’s tax returns from the Treasury, and that news sent Alyssa Milano screaming…

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