Dental Practices Term Loan Call 904-551-6090: Leusden Journal: Afraid of Falling? For Older Adults, the Dutch Have a Cure + MORE 01/03/2018

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Lean people were especially responsive to exercise’s effects on the bacterial makeup of our guts.

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Studies point to a simple reason, the prices, not to the amount of care. And lowering prices would upset a lot of people in the health industry.

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A growing number of Chinese pharmaceutical companies are trying to break into the United States, seeking regulatory approval to offer their treatments for cancer and other ailments.

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No work I have ever done has brought me as much joy and hope, or changed my outlook on life as profoundly.

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The Dutch, like people elsewhere, are living longer than in previous generations. Courses that teach fall prevention, and how to fall correctly, are gaining popularity.

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Actor George Clooney, and his wife, Amal, announced that they would support the “March for Our Lives Movement” by attending the march on Washington and by donating $500,000. #GeorgeClooney and his wife Amal donate $500,000 to students organizing marches against gun violence More »

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