Dental Practices Term Loan Call 904-551-6090: Heart Attack Survivors at Risk of Later Dementia + MORE 11/16/2017

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The debate over taxing sugary drinks has turned into a ferocious global policy brawl. In Colombia, proponents faced intimidation and censorship.

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James Clement has scoured the globe for supercentenarians, aged 110 and older, willing to contribute their genomes to a rare scientific cache.

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Some have made large improvements in certain areas. What have they done to get better?

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Heart attack increased the risk for vascular dementia, the type caused by impaired blood flow to the brain, up to 35 years later.

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Amish men and women who carried a genetic mutation appeared to be in better cardiovascular health and had longer telomeres, a barometer of longevity.

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Dental Practices Term Loan Call 904-551-6090: Should You Be Worried About the Arsenic in Your Baby Food? + MORE 12/07/2017

Baby cereals made with oatmeal, barley, buckwheat, organic quinoa and wheat contained much lower amounts of inorganic arsenic than rice cereals..... More »

Dental Practices Term Loan Call 904-551-6090: Jesse Jackson Announces He Has Parkinson’s Disease + MORE 11/19/2017

The longtime civil rights leader said he plans to make “lifestyle changes” but will not allow the disease to interfere with his advocacy work..... More »

Dental Practices Term Loan Call 904-551-6090: Philippines Suspends Dengue Shots After Drug Firm’s Warning + MORE 12/01/2017

More than 740,000 students have already received Dengvaxia vaccinations, which could pose health risks for people not previously infected..... More »

Dental Practices Term Loan Call 904-551-6090: Why Is This Bacterium Hiding in Human Tumors? + MORE 11/25/2017

Whether Fusobacterium nucleatum causes colon tumors is unknown. But a new study hints that it may be ‘an integral part of the cancer.’.... More »

Dental Practices Term Loan Call 904-551-6090: 10 Mysteries Of The Aryans + MORE 12/04/2017

“Aryan” is perhaps the most controversial term in archaeology. Originally a self-identifier of the Indo-Iranian people, “Aryan” referred to a cultural and linguistic group, not an ethnicity. Nineteenth-century scholars misappropriated the term, made it a synonym for all Indo-Europeans, and b.... More »