Dental Practices Term Loan Call 904-551-6090: Dana Perino sums up media’s INSANITY when covering Trump (and everything else ) in 1 simple tweet + MORE 05/16/2017

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That moment when you wake up to screeching headlines about Trump and Russia and Seth Rich … and like thousands of other Americans reading the news you’re not sure what is and isn’t real.
Way to go, media, you’ve rendered yourselves totally useless.
And Dana Perino summed up this insanity perfectly …
"Well, maybe there's a recording of the reported intel discussion?" she thought, pensively…

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Four years after Texas gave up millions of dollars in federal Medicaid funds, a request presents an important early test for the Trump administration.

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It just keeps raining crap all over Tom Perez … heh.
Three weeks or so ago, Tom Perez, Little Dicky Durbin and other Democrats made bold statements about pro-life Democrats and basically kicked them out of their party. Hey, if they want to keep nuking themselves who are we to stop them?
Guessing though that Perez figured out that was STUPID.
DNC Chair Tom Perez plans outreach to pro-life Democrats, @ckmarie reports https://t…

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Yesterday we told you how Dana Loesch and others praised 2017 Miss USA Kára McCullough for her politicaly incorrect opinion that health care is not a right in America.
Well, that was yesterday. McCullough clarified her position on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday:
"I am privileged to have health care. I do believe it should be a right. – @MissUSA 2017 Kára McCullough "clarifies" response…

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When was World War II? What was the Berlin Wall? Who invented the cotton gin? This is what you’ll learn about in high school history class. The important people, places, and things that shaped the societies we know today. You’ll learn dates, facts, and names, many of which you’ll forget as soon as the test […]
The post Top 10 Facts You Wish You’d Learned In History Class appeared first on Listverse.

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Patients often produce antibodies to the very treatments keeping them alive, sometimes to disastrous effect. The search for solutions is just beginning.

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High red meat consumption increased the rate of dying from cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, diabetes, infections, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney disease and liver disease.

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For decades, scientists have warned of mounting evidence that exposure to chlorpyrifos may threaten children’s development.

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Here’s the latest from the Associated Press on the fallout from that Washington Post story alleging President Trump gave classified information to the Russians:
BREAKING: European official to AP: Country might stop sharing intel with US if Trump gave classified info to Russian diplomats.
— The Associated Press (@AP) May 16, 2017

So now entire countries get to be anonymous?!
@AP which country?
— Justin Green (@JGreenDC) May 16, 2017


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A former executive at UnitedHealth says he was paid bonuses to make patients look sicker than they were, which led to bigger reimbursements.

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