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It’s fair to say that President Donald Trump was unmoved by Sen. Chuck Schumer’s show of tears during an impassioned speech against the president’s executive order on immigration, but Rep. Nancy Pelosi upped the ante significantly by leading a group of protesters in a rendition of “This Land Is Your Land.” How much of this can Trump take before breaking?

.@NancyPelosi leads rendition of “This Land is Your Land” at protest against @POTUS executive order on immigration –FTR #ForTheRecord @MSNBC pic…

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The Boy Scouts of America have lagged a little in trying to keep up with the advance of progressive values. The organization’s national council voted in May 2013 to lift its ban on gay scouts, and in 2015 the organization voted unanimously to allow gay scout leaders, citing both “the rapid changes in society” and “increasing legal challenges at the federal, state, and local levels…

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The New York Times asked readers to talk about how they would be affected if the Affordable Care Act was repealed.

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Every year, there are countless cases of animals devouring human corpses. It’s not just an urban legend that pets are forced to feed on their owners, rotting remains after tragedy. Occasionally, these are horrific cases of infestations in what should be sterile clinical settings—like hospitals and morgues. Other times, wild animals scavenge human remains. In […]
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Mr. Ornstein and his wife, whom he met as a teenager in Hungary, were leading proponents of a psychoanalytic theory called self-psychology.

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Disasters and tragedies are horrible. Yet humans are fascinated by them. Especially when it seems that some victims’ stories continue in the afterlife. Featured image credit: 10 The Queen Mary Photo credit: David Jones In December 2011, Kelly Ryann Dorrel plunged 23 meters (75 ft) from the deck of the Queen Mary into the […]
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The Praetorian Guard is one of the most famous military units in history. They were known as elite Roman soldiers, sworn to protect the emperor for hundreds of years. They were feared by the people and even by the emperors themselves, who often went to great lengths to gain the praetorians’ favor. The Praetorian Guard […]
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College officials and policy makers say that new restrictions on travel will affect thousands of students and researchers and set back scientific inquiry.

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Every family has a skeleton or two hiding in their closets. Whether shameful or downright sinister, those secrets are like an invisible albatross that one or more members must bear while desperately hoping that no one else bares them. The families on this list amassed enough skeletons to fill entire cemeteries. Each buried secrets that […]
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As we reported Monday evening, President Trump relieved acting Attorney General Sally Yates, an Obama appointee, of her duties after she made it clear she would not defend Trump’s executive order on immigration and refugees.
Yates, a holdover from the Obama Justice Department, has some support from a familiar name:

This is what skill, judgment and courage look like.
— Eric Holder (@EricHolder) January 31, 2017

What a surprise!

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Dental Practices Term Loan Call 904-551-6090: ‘HER, of ALL people?!’ Linda Sarsour has a LOT of nerve sharing this gif on #OrlandoUnitedDay + MORE 06/12/2017

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There seems to be no end to the public’s fascination with serial killers. Between countless movies, TV shows, and books, fictional murderers are well-represented in today’s society. With all this coverage, we may think we understand serial killers—what drives them and how they strike. And .... More »

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Meteorologists in certain parts of the United States this week have been predicting what human beings used to call “unseasonably warm temperatures” but now equate more with the crucifixion of the planet on a cross fashioned of male malevolence and greed. The fact that for so many itR.... More »