Dental Practice Term Loans – Call 904-551-6090: Mass Referral 2.0 – Dental Internet Marketing and Dental Practice Management, Practice Doctor Management ‘s Mass Referral 2.0 Dental Marketing Seminar will be in Cincinnati, OH on Dec. 13, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency, Nashville, TN on Dec. 14, 2013 at the Embassy Suites, and Indianapolis, IN on Jan. 24, 2014 at the Marriott East. You can check out more information about the event at the website above or go to our new website which is under construction at You can also call and request more information be sent to you at 800-875-9066.

Mass Referral 2.0 Seminar will allow you to Reset and Refresh your mindset with fun and exciting strategies for producing high-quality new patients and referrals created for and used by Elite professional practices across the country just like yours.

As an attendee of Mass Referral 2.0 Dental Seminar your significance and stature will be elevated to an all-time high as your practice reaches (previously unattained) levels of success and notoriety.

Mass Referral 2.0 Practice Management Seminar for Dentists will Improve your case acceptance rate (averaging 87.3 percent) as you gain an intimate knowledge of human behavior and acquire black-belt communication and persuasion skills for creating instant and lasting connections with your new (and existing) patients using NLP or mind-control marketing techniques Dr. Newhouse will teach you.

Mass Referral 2.0 Dental Practice Management Seminar will reveal the three steps you must take to expertly position yourself for rapid personal and professional growth

When you attend Practice Doctor Management ‘s Mass Referral 2.0 Seminar you will learn the TWO TRAGIC MISTAKES that prevent Dentists from making significant contribution to the things you value most in practice and in life … and how to avoid them!

Dentists will be given the tools to Increase your team’s performance an average of 184.7 percent … Improve their on-the-job-attitude and dial-in their ‘clarity of purpose’ with laser-like accuracy!

As an attendee of Mass Referral 2.0 Seminar You Will Be Thrilled with the event and easily recognize that the value of the strategies, tools and systems we give you is worth at least 100 times what you pay to attend or We’ll Refund DOUBLE Your Registration Fee On the Spot Let You Keep the Systems and Seminar Materials then part friends.