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Dr. Anissa Holmes from Delivering WOW podcast is here to tell us how you can grow your dental practice with fb advertising!

Dr Anissa Holmes on fb Advertising | Dental Marketing Guy Show


Justin: welcome to the Dental Marketing Guy show, I’m the Dental marketing Guy, and today I have a very special guest, which for many of you, she needs no introduction. She was voted one of the top 25 woman in dentistry, but a dental products report, Dr Anissa Holmes has effectively mastered the skills and the use of social media, with a Facebook following of nearly 48,000 fans. As a practicing dentist, author, pod caster and speaker, Dr Holmes shows dentists exactly how to create a profitable, thriving dental practice, which has motivated, inspired team members, and patients who are raving fans. She also teaches dentists how to get best ROI on social media. Dr Holmes is one of the top iTunes podcasts’, with the ‘Delivering Wow’ Dental podcast, and is also the author of the book ‘Delivery Wow: ho dentists build a fascinating brand, and achieve more while working less’.

Welcome Dr Holmes, how are you?

Dr Holmes: I doing great Justin, thank you so much for having me, I’m really happy to be here.

Justin: excellent, excellent, well it’s a huge honor because, I know you interview a lot of movers and shakers on your show, so I love having experts like yourself on the show.

Dr Holmes: good stuff.

Justin: so, your here because, what you do is you teach dentists basically how to build, what we call here on the Dental Marketing Guy show, ‘the dental dream’ or the ‘dream dental practice’, and that looks different for every dentist. And we did and interview just the other day with Dr Tuan Pham, and we were talking about how, you know, everybody has a different vision for their life, but you know ultimately a lot of the dentists face, I find, can be solved, many of them can be solved, by just getting new patients.

Social media is one of those things that you’re really good at and you’re really good at teaching, can you tell us how dentists’ can gain new patients through say Facebook advertising?

Dr Holmes: absolutely. So, to me, Facebook or social media is huge, because Facebook allows you to be able to share the story of your practice and it’s really quite amazing. So of course in the past, when somebody wanted to go to the dentist, they would grab what? Yellow pages right? And they would flip through the yellow pages and they would say “okay, I see this ad or this ad or this ad is better than this ad”. And they would choose their dentist, but things have really changed. And I really ask dentists, or ask people, ‘when was the last time you actually looked through one of those books?’, so things have really evolved and changed. But the amazing thing about social media, is that, you are constantly able to share your story. When people are not thinking about a dentist, and to me that’s HUGE. And so, what I always tell dentists’ is, just what you spoke about, what is your vision? What story do you want to share about your practice? And that is the story that you want to create in your social space, that’s how you develop your brand, and your brand, I know that you know this as well, is what people say about you, when you’re not around, and building an amazing social media presence, is a great way to really grow your brand.

And so, you question was really, how can you get new patients through social media?

Well I can tell you some examples of what we are actually achieving in my practice.

So, I started my Facebook journey, in 2010, and I started it with one patient, like you need, or one person you need at a time. And I started to share the story of our practice, I shared pictures of us out in the community, I shared pictures of my team, us having fun, and you know, there were some posts about dentistry, but it was really about the culture. And through that, people became interested, they became very engaged. And because we were consistent in that, they continued to follow us. And because we were able to provide value first, they really, like I said they became interested, engaged, and then we started to see the conversions. And so, now what happens is we have about, typically, 40 new patients every single month, coming just from Facebook, and that is huge.