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The more dental health professionals know about human papillomvavirus prevention activities, such as the HPV vaccine, the better suited they are to be a "line of protection against HPV and cancer," according to research published in the January issue of The Journal of the American Dental Association.

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Langley CEO wary about health funding changes


In April 2016, Ocala-based Langley received the Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) grant for the area to provide primary medical care, mental health and dental services. Langley also serves Marion and Sumter counties. “I'm extremely worried about it,” Chase said. “We just do not know and it's …

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But first, there's long been a big push to promote better dental health through fluoridation and telling people to eat less sugary foods. Despite those efforts, tooth decay remains a major public health issue. In fact, it's the most common chronic childhood disease, and 90 percent of all adults have cavities.

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Although brushing removes plaque from some tooth surfaces, only flossing will remove it from between the teeth and under the gumline. Tooth decay and gum disease often start in areas that your toothbrush never sees the light of day. Therefore, it is very important that you floss each day.

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Dental Hygienist Job in Sandy Springs, GA


While the discovery of systemic issues are raising awareness to the patient's weakening health, dental conditions can also worsen. Here's the good news: advances in integrative medicine are improving the approach to treatment and impacting a most positive outcome for patients lives. So, how and …

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Dental Practice No Down Payment Loans - Call 904-551-6090: Bill would solve Arizona's dental health crisis + MORE 02/09/2018

As of December 2017, more than 4.6 million Arizonans live in a federally designated dental health professional shortage area. In fact, compared to the rest of the United States, Arizona has the highest percentage of its population living in a federally-designated shortage area. And this crisis impac.... More »

Dental Practice No Down Payment Loans - Call 904-551-6090: Wyoming County dentist seeks dismissal of federal charges + MORE 02/15/2018

A Wyoming County dentist charged with illegally prescribing medication to an Olyphant woman claims prosecutors are illegally using a federal statue to prevent the case from being dismissed. In court papers, Lawrence Kansky, attorney for Dr. Christopher G. Bereznak, says authorities transferred the&n.... More »

Dental Practice No Down Payment Loans - Call 904-551-6090: 'Dent-istry': Car somehow smashes into 2nd-floor dental office + MORE 01/15/2018

Footage from Santa Ana, California on Sunday shows the aftermath of a car accident after a driver managed to launch his white sedan into the air and crash in....... More »

Dental Practice No Down Payment Loans - Call 904-551-6090: Sentimental symbol survived tornado but not thieves + MORE 01/31/2018

Its mind numbing what's been pulled at this dental office near 73rd and Mercy overnight. The Greek symbol Caduceus yanked off the entrance wall. Dentist Dr. Karen Havelka said, “I was really bummed because its been something that's been here as long as I can remember and then someone has.... More »