No Down Payment Dental Practice Financing!

Practice Financing

100% Dental Practice Financing For All Dentists Nation-Wide!


Dental professionals get the dental practice financing you need for your existing practice or for a start-up or dental practice acquisition!

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Practice Financing

It is our deep understanding that you have very unique needs that are diverse from the rest of our clients who want to have their own dental practice center. We have set up programs in our company that will ensure that you get custom financing services that will meet your needs.

Through this you will be able to attain the proper financial package. The reaching of the set company goals will hence be easy with the excellent dental practice loan for your start-up dental practice.

Dental Practice Loans

Dental Practice Financing

100% Dental Loans and acquisitions for dentists are still being funded today, available nationwide providing financial solutions exclusively to Dental Professionals. Offering acquisition loans to pay for the entire purchase price with copies of the sellers business tax returns to substantiate positive cash flow. The acquiring doctors federal tax returns are also needed for acquiring practice!

Equity Out Dental Program

Practice Equity Out Loans can be fixed term or variable rate, secured by your dental practice assets.
Degreed dental professionals and certified specialists can be helped and usually extended to dental professionals with proven credit and work record and who are personally responsible with a good FICO credit score of 680. UCC-1 filing with be placed on dental practice once financing is finalized.

Dental Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing has simple documentation with up to 100% financing, fixed rates to predict costs and cash needs which stretches your buying power. Good credit score and credit types considered – FICO score of 660, call about your situation today! Other programs available for less than perfect credit!

The Alternative Dentist Loan

500 FICO scores will normally influence a decision!  Turn your future patient billings into fast working capital!  The Medical Bank Loan Program is for dentists with a low 500 FICO Credit Scores, therefore it is not necessary for you to have perfect credit to qualify for short term practice financing.

Dental Real Estate

Loans Available Nationwide for Dental Practice Buildings, commercial mortgage financing can help you purchase, or refinance dental properties and a dental commercial building loan, owned by you or your practice.

Low Credit Equipment Leasing

Equipment Leasing has simple documentation with up to 100% financing, fixed rates to predict costs and cash needs which stretches your buying power. Impaired credit scores and credit types considered for dental equipment!

Dental Financing Solutions With Real Personal Service:

Practice Expansion!

Practice Acquisition!

Working Capital!

Practice Financing!

Practice Start-Up!

Dental Real Estate Loans!

Partner Buyout!

Dentist Debt Consolidation!

Leasehold Improvements!

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