Dental Practice Financing Loans DCall 904-551-6090: Skelmersdale dentist celebrates 40 years in profession + MORE 02/16/2017


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Dental practitioners are saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month by Debt Consolidation of their business loans. Interest rates are still low enough to cash in on this now! A Dental Practice Debt Consolidation Loan is the way to help your Practice get out of debt and into profits.

If you are looking to expand your dental practice, many practitioners are reinvesting their savings back into their business. Often that investment takes the form of increased spending on a medical practice marketing consultant.
Burdened with a busy schedule and now armed with extra cash, medical practitioners mistakenly initiate dental practice marketing projects without a budget or plan.

These practitioners may end up with an impressive new website or creative direct mail campaigns, without seeing any significant increase in their bottom line. Here is a way to stay ahead of the game!

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Free dental clinics offered to students and staff


The Illinois Valley Community College's Dental Assisting Program will be offering dental clinics that are free of charge to all staff, and students.

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Healthy oral hygiene habits are built starting as early as two years of age and can help ensure the development of strong and healthy adult teeth.

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ONE of the longest serving dentists in Skelmersdale, is celebrating her 40th year in the profession. Denise Forshaw qualified at Liverpool University in …

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Poor dental coverage affects health, employment


By Louis Pin, The Daily News … only addresses emergencies and not preventative coverage, so Sarah could not get access to necessary dental care.

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The treatment allows the dentist to slide a perforated plastic sheet between teeth with cavities and fill it with resin. A dental curing light is then applied …

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