Dental Practice Financing Loans DCall 904-551-6090: Dental officer remanded for outrage of modesty claims + MORE 03/18/2017

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Yesterday, five families lodged police reports claiming that the dental officer outraged the modesty of their daughters while treating them at the school …

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PG medical and dental admissions halted


Ahmedabad: The state government in a notification directed all the postgraduate medical and dental institutes in the state to immediately stop their …

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Sperryville firemen get a boost


Of the $173,000 distributed, the Sperryville firehouse was awarded $15,000. Only the Piedmont Regional Dental Clinic received a larger amount of …

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Dentist gets a smile by giving back


Dr. Jim Congleton, a Pitt County native who wanted to be a dentist since the sixth grade, has had a successful practice in New Bern for the past 37 …

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KINGSTON, Jamaica — Health Minister Christopher Tufton, was this afternoon briefed on the continuing efforts to relocate services from the main …

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Dental Practice Financing Loans DCall 904-551-6090: Area professionals help out at free dental, vision clinics + MORE 03/20/2017

Dianna Bunch, dental hygienist, removes sterilized dental equipment at the free dental office at Central Baptist Church. The City of Muskogee ....... More »

Dental Practice Financing Loans Call 904-551-6090: He's got DEMENTIA like my mom: Morning Joe's Scarborough claims Trump's slurring wasn't a ... + MORE 12/07/2017

That was his explanation on Thursday morning for Trump's slurred speech at the end of a major address yesterday on Israel that has generated immense speculation and a dentist has blamed on a problem with the president's dentures. Saying he wants 'to be very careful' with the char.... More »

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There has been a 57pc fall in household spending on dental care over the past five years. New figures from the Central Statistic Office (CSO) have ....... More »

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Mumbai: Admission schedules for medical and dental colleges, which used to coincide earlier, has been split. While medical admissions will wrap up ....... More »

Dental Practice Financing Loans Call 904-551-6090: Dental care may protect your child from obesity + MORE 11/09/2017

New Delhi: A study suggests that obesity in children can be cut down if a little attention is paid to the dental health. If parents try to curb kids love for ....... More »