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There were 9,206 extractions among this age group in 2015/16 – up from 7,444 in 2006/7, according to data obtained by the Faculty of Dental Surgery …

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Dianna Bunch, dental hygienist, removes sterilized dental equipment at the free dental office at Central Baptist Church. The City of Muskogee …

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… up at ERs and urgent care centers in Madison, but the news isn't all good. … In 2015, there were 456 fewer dental cases in the ER and 770 fewer …

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GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) – (03/20/17) – This month, when you walk into your dentist's office, you may see something a little unusual – a giant scene …

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Still, the ER visits for non-traumatic dental pain in 2015 amounted to $2.5 million in charges, and the high rate … Get local news sent to your inbox.

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Dental Practice Financing Loans DCall 904-551-6090: Local woman returns home to work as dentist under childhood doctor + MORE 05/22/2017

FAIRBANKS — New Fairbanks dentist Dr. Ecsile Chang knew what she wanted to be when she grew up at a younger age than most children..... More »

Dental Practice Financing Loans DCall 904-551-6090: Oman wellness: Dental trauma in children + MORE 04/16/2017

Good news is trauma may not always lead to tooth loss, but having the tooth examined by a professional could help prevent complications and pain ....... More »

Dental Practice Financing Loans DCall 904-551-6090: Free dental clinic for veterans in Yakima on June 24 + MORE 05/24/2017

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Next month, a local dental clinic is participating in a nationwide "Day of Service," providing free dental care for veterans..... More »

Dental Practice Financing Loans DCall 904-551-6090: Esteemed Dentist, Dmitry Kucher, DDS, will be Noted in The Leading Physicians of the World + MORE 07/13/2017

The International Association of HealthCare Professionals is pleased to welcome Dmitry Kucher, DDS, Dentist, to their prestigious organization with ....... More »

Dental Practice Financing Loans DCall 904-551-6090: Two men steal computer monitors from northeast Fresno dental + MORE 04/14/2017

Police are asking for help in identifying two men who broke into a dental office in northeast Fresno and stole two computer monitors. It happened on ....... More »