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Exploring the imperative of good oral hygiene


Anthonia Obokoh writes that dental diseases adversely affect concentration, relational relationship, and productivity due to the complex relationship …

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Ottawa Dental Lab employee wins global competition


Mark Williamson displays the award he received after winning a global dentistry competition. The senior technical manager of the Ottawa Dental Lab …

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3D printing software developer, Materialise has developed a customised version of Magics Print for Singapore-based dental 3D printing solutions …

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However, over the same period, the share of spending on GP fees has dropped by 38pc and the proportion on dental costs has fallen by 62pc.

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Valley dentists merge practices


As of May, general dentists Dr. Gary Anderson and Dr. David Newell have merged and consolidated their dental practices into one location in Minden.

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Dental Practice Financing Loans Call 904-551-6090: CNC brings back Dental Hygiene Diploma + MORE 09/22/2017

CNC president Henry Reiser said: “This is great news for Northern B.C. and beyond. “Hygienists are in high demand in our region and the rest of the ....... More »

Dental Practice Financing Loans Call 904-551-6090: Income-restricted residents to receive free dental care at Kearney Center + MORE 01/22/2018

That's thanks to a new, volunteer-run dental clinic which opened Monday at The Kearney Center homeless shelter on Municipal Way. The privately-funded clinic is run by Comprehensive Emergency Services Center (CESC), the three centers' parent agency, and offers full dental services including.... More »

Dental Practice Financing Loans Call 904-551-6090: First Gore clinic for dental technician + MORE 11/19/2017

On dental technician Bara'a Toubat's first day on the job he had five clients consulting him about dentures. Mr Toubat, who lives in Christchurch, is employed one day a week to conduct a clinic at Gore Hospital. Gore Hospital business manager Rhonda Reid said Mr Toubat used to work in Inve.... More »

Dental Practice Financing Loans Call 904-551-6090: PG medical, dental fee may increase + MORE 01/06/2018

The fees of postgraduate medical and dental courses is likely to increase as various medical college associations have demanded a hike of 50% over the previous academic year. While the State government is learnt to be wary of increasing fees, with elections around the corner, private college ...... More »

Dental Practice Financing Loans Call 904-551-6090: Exclusive: The NHS is wrongly demanding payment for dentistry from hundreds of innocent people ... + MORE 03/30/2018

Enter your postcode to see news and information near you Community updates, Crime Statistics, Local News & Events and much more. ... The NHS is demanding payment for dental treatment from hundreds of innocent residents in and around Bath each year - even though they are entitled to free care..... More »