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We realize what number of hardships you’ve been subject when you finished your current dental training. Seeing that seeking increased studies inside dental treatments by itself takes lots of hard work, and devotion along with great income.

It’s really obvious that will after getting your current dental training a dentist may want to commence a process of your family along with applying for practice loans.

As you can imagine, this technique would likely require an enormous sum of money that makes it inaccessible for a great number of aspiring dental professionals. Although it’s not necessary to concern yourself with whatever any-more since many dental professionals started the same way!

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CDA hosts free dental care clinic in Bakersfield


For the first time, the CDA will be hosting a free dental clinic in Bakersfield. … "These are people who for whatever reason have unmet dental needs," …

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Four city dentists scale Mt. Kilimanjaro


The ice-capped dizzying heights of Mt. Kilimanjaro appeared like a dream before the four dentists from the city who summitted Africa's highest peak in …

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Healthy for Life


I had some very old dental work with mercury fillings since I was in grade school that needed to be replaced. Within the last four years, I also needed to …

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Dentistry Day success


Dr. Sehun James Oh and team and team provided free oral health care to the community during Free Dentistry Day, a progrfam initiated to provide …

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Preferred Dental Technologies Inc. (“Company”) (CSE: PDT) Completes … Forward-looking information in this news release may include, but is not …

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Dental Practice Financing Loans Call 904-551-6090: First Gore clinic for dental technician + MORE 11/19/2017

On dental technician Bara'a Toubat's first day on the job he had five clients consulting him about dentures. Mr Toubat, who lives in Christchurch, is employed one day a week to conduct a clinic at Gore Hospital. Gore Hospital business manager Rhonda Reid said Mr Toubat used to work in Inve.... More »