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This is just disgusting.
Somebody edited the ad Dana Loesch recently did for the NRA so that it now ends with Dana shooting herself in the head:
Great. Now anti-gun #MomsDemand fans are making videos threatening to kill me: pic.twitter.com/lWTZVSZcRK #gunsense #2A
— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) September 27, 2015The user who allegedly made the video says it’s satire and designed to highlight the problem of accidental shootings in America:
Dana Loesch’s new promotional video for the #NRA “backfires” on her…

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Who can take John Boehner’s resignation and turn it into a shot at Ronald Reagan? Bette Midler can.
@BetteMidler The repubs did just abt everything Dems wanted. #NoBackbone
— Peatsie (@tunesville1) September 27, 2015Furthermore, Midler might want to do some more research on the meaning of the word “recalcitrant.”
Midler thinks #JohnBoehner was “recalcitrant”? These leftist are beyond ignorant…

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The United Nations has developed admirable goals to end global poverty and hunger, but they can’t succeed without expanding access to surgery.

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A scary moment for Carly Fiorina in San Antonio where it looks like she narrowly escaped a serious injury after part of the stage collapsed around her during a speech tonight in San Antonio, Texas:
And the stage just collapsed on @CarlyFiorina in San Antonio. Everyone appears OK. pic.twitter.com/PFzWtui4ks
— Patrick Svitek (@PatrickSvitek) September 27, 2015Thankfully there are no reports of injuries and the crowd seems to be in good spirits, blaming the accident on you-know-who:
“Trump!” someone yells out after the curtains fall…

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A collaboration of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank and the World Health Organization will focus on medical care in poor and middle-income countries.

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College professors are some of the most revered members of polite society. Most are well-educated, respectful intellectuals who are occasionally guilty of thinking that advanced degrees make them better than the average Joe or capable of talking like an expert on almost anything. However, a minority of college professors are guilty of a much graver […]
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At one time or another, we’ve probably all wished that we could just disappear. Bored with our lives or unable to take the stress, we wanted to pack up and start over again someplace else. Though we might have dreamed about it, we never acted on it. These 10 people not only acted on their […]
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There’s no choking your own teammate in baseball, right?
Right. Unless, of course, you’re relief pitcher Jonathan Papelbon of the Washington Nationals who was seen choking teammate and “likely NL MVP” Bryce Harper during the 8th inning of today’s games vs. the Philadelphia Phillies.
According to reports, Harper had just gotten out on a pop-up and Papelbon wasn’t happy that he didn’t run the ball out to first…

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Planking, twerking, the Ice Bucket Challenge—we don’t have to reach far into our memories to come up with some truly strange trends that we’ll surely have trouble explaining to our grandchildren. On the other hand, the cool kids of ancient history were into some even stranger trends. 10 Polish Plaits Plica polonica happens to a […]
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The women’s reproductive health care provider has countered videos claiming it was “profiteering in baby parts” by gathering information from affiliates, hiring lawyers, crisis managers and video experts, and solidifying support.

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